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1961 Born in Rokiškis, Lithuania
1968–1979 Vilnius 22th, 7th secondary schools (graduated: gold medal), B.Dvarionas Music School. Laureate of the Republican Pupil Olympiads on Physics
1979–1984 Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics. Graduated cum laude
2001–2005 Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Department of Ethnomusicology; doctorant. PhD thesis defended in 2005 (see the summary)
1984–1992 Lithuanian Academy of Science, Institute of Physics, Department of Laser Optoelectronics; junior research assistant
1991–1994 Vilnius Conservatory; lecturer
1991–2000 Lithuanian Folk Culture Center, Department of Folklore; senior specialist
1994–2005 Lithuanian Academy of Music, Institute of Musicology,  Department of Ethnomusicologyresearch fellow
1994– Lithuanian Academy of Music (currently Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), Department of Ethnomusicology; lecturer; since 2006 – associate professor; since 2013 - professor
2004– B.Jonušas Music School; teacher
2005– Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Audiovisual Art Technologies (currently Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Research Group "Digital Culture, Communication, and Media"); lecturer; since 2008 – associate professor; since 2010 - professor
research interests
Ethnomusicology, musical and speech acoustics, psychology of music:

Music (mainly traditional vocal) performance, stylistics, acoustics, perception, transcription, transmission, folklore in the modern world and World musicacoustic phonetics, prosody acoustics; cognitive psychology of music; mathematical methods in musicology and linguistics; computer-aided analysis of music and speech
scientific publications and conferences
5 monographs, over 80 papers in scientific editions, ca 200 entries in Lithuanian Encyclopaedia of Music. Over 120 conference papers. 19 survey and science dissemination papers, 14 editions of music repertoires and science dissemination
expert activities
2002– International scientific conferences (ICMPC, CIM, ESCOM, etc.); Review Committeesmember
2007   Allan Vurma; dissertation "Voice quality and pitch in singing: Some aspects of perception and production" (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre); opponent

Loreta Sungailienė; dissertation "Samogitian musical dialect: Intonational models and articulation" (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre); opponent
2007– Reviewer for scientific editions
2008– Estonian Science Foundation; expert
2009– Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies; Advisory Board; member
2010   LaurLukenskienė; dissertation "Lyrical monophonic songs of southwestern Lithuania. Problem of musical interdialect" (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre); opponent
2011   Research Council of Lithuania; expert
2011 Doctoral Committee for Art Research at Kaunas University of Technology; member
2012 European Commission; HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area, Review Panel; member
2013– Journal Вопросы этномузыкознания; Editorial Board; member

Doctoral Committee for Art Research at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; member
2017– Journal Проблеми етномузикознанiя; Editorial Board; member
2019– Journal Вісник Київського національного університету культури і мистецтв. Серія: Музичне мистецтво; Editorial Board; member
1990– Society of Lithuanian Ethnic Culture
1995–2000 International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM); its Study Group on Computer Aided Research
2002– Society of Lithuanian Acousticians (member of Board)
2003– European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM)
2009– European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM)
2010– Association LATGA (Lithuanian Association for Protection of Authors' Rights)
2013– Association AGATA (Lithuanian Association for Related Rights)
2014– Lithuanian Composers' Union
research visits
1995 Stockholm; Sweden
Archive of
Swedish folk songs (Svenskt visarkiv)

Vienna; Austria
Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences

1997 Bergen; Norway
Arne Bjørndal Collection (Arne Bjørndals samling), University of Bergen

Trondheim; Norway
Norwegian Council for Folk Music and Folk Dance (Rådet for folkemusikk og folkedans), University of Trondheim
2001 Stockholm; Sweden
Royal Institute of Technology (Kungl Tekniska Högskolan)
2003 Tampere; Finland
Tampere University
2008 Vienna; Austria
University of Music and Performing Arts (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst)
2014 Belgrade; Serbia
University of Arts in Belgrade (Универзитет уметности у Београду) and Institute of Musicology, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Музиколошки институт САНУ)
2017 Vienna; Austria
University of Music and Performing Arts (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst)
1991–1994 Vilnius Conservatory Folklore workshop, Musical folklore, Transcription of musical folklore, Kanklės
1994– Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; Vilnius Bachelor studies:
Introduction into ethnomusicology (Methods of transcription of folk music, Fieldwork methods), Transcription of folk music (practical course), Fieldwork (practical course), Basics of acoustics, Musical acoustics, Computer applications, Basics of music technology literacy, Bachelor thesis

Master studies:
Cognitive psychology of musicAcoustical methods of music research, Statistic methods in musicology, Contemporary trends of traditional music, Interdisciplinary research methods, Master thesis

Theories and methods music psychologyAcoustics, Flute acoustics, Harpsichord acoustics, Psychological bases of musical scales and their manifestation in Lithuanian traditional music, Doctoral thesis
2004– B.Jonušas Music School; Vilnius Transcription of Russian musical folklore (lessons)
2005– Kaunas University of Technology Bachelor studies:
Musical acousticsIntroduction to music technologies (electrophysics)Basics of speech acousticsIntroduction to research methods, Bachelor thesis

Master studies:
Psychology of music, Computer-aided music analysis, Statistical analysis of musicMaster thesis

Doctoral studies:
Empirical musicology, Interdisciplinary research methodsDoctoral thesis
2008   Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre; Tallinn Aspects of perception of pitch and pitch relations (intense course)
J. Vītola Latvian Academy of Music; Rīga Acoustical methods in ethnomusicology (intense course)
2011   Conservatoire of Music  "Stanislao Giacomantonio"; Cosenza, Italy Music perception: Basics, information, and performance (intense course)
2013   The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore (joint doctoral studies with VU and LAMT) Folk music tradition and its change;
Interdisciplinary studies extending scope of ethnomusicology
2013–2014   J. Vītola Latvian Academy of Music; Rīga Acoustical methods in ethnomusicology, basics of music perception
2014   University of Arts in Belgrade Acoustical analysis of traditional music: programs and techniques (intense course)
2017   Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Intorduction to computer-aided analysis of pitch and microtiming in folk music. Acoustical analysis of traditional singing: history, methods, examples.
1990   Stockholm Archipelago (Sweden; Folkpust Kedjan) Lithuanian traditional singing
1993– Rybaki, Doktorce, Wigry, etc. 
(Poland; Ośrodek Bada
ń Muzykologicznych i Kulturowych Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej; yearly international seminar-school 'Śpiew archaiczny')
Lithuanian traditional vocal technique, Kanklės playing
1996 Lithuania (various institutions) Lectures on traditional vocal techniques, vocal masterclasses at various seminars, etc.
2014 Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center Lithuanian traditional singing
1986– Folklore ensemble of Faculty of History, Vilnius University (folklore ensemble "Intakas", afterwards) (leader)
1987–1990? Children folklore ensemble of Grigiškės Culture House (leader)
1999– Folkrock group "Atalyja" (member)
2014– Folklore ensemble "Mindrė" (leader)
2008, 2014, 2015 2nd, 3rd, 2nd prizes in the KTU Best Monographs Competition
2016 Lithuanian Composers' Union Award for the best musicology work in 2015
2018 Lithuanian Science Prize for the cycle of works "Development of Acoustic Methods in Music and Language Research"